breakforthlikedawn asked:

I love love love your handwritten typography. I want to get better at it myself. Any tips? Also, do you sell prints?

Thank you so much!
As far as tips go: I’d say practice! Getting better at lettering is all about teaching your hand what you need it to do. My lines are getting steadier, smoother, straighter all the time. they’re way better than when I started and still not quite where I want them to be. It simply takes time to develop.
I’ll also add this practical tip:
When weighting your letters,
thin on the upstroke,
thick on the downstroke.
it took me forever to realize this! It’s the reason capitol A’s are heavier on the right side! crazy!

Lastly, I don’t have any prints available right now, but I plan to launch a website in January! And prints of some of my pieces will be available on there! So look out for that!

Thanks again for the questions and for letting me know that you enjoy my work! It means alot!

padehler asked:

Have you studied typography and art and such... or are you self-taught?

Both? All my learning has been self initiated. I’ve been drawing letters since I was in middle school. I’ve always been fascinated with letterforms and trying to draw consistent alphabets. Then a couple months ago I decide to really put in the time and try to get better at it. Now I study typography everywhere I go! I’m constantly taking pictures of labels and signs I like. There are also a ton of resources online and even some video courses dedicated directly to lettering. I’ve watched some good videos on And while I haven’t taken Sean McCabe’s ‘learn lettering’ course yet, it looks awesome and I plan on it soon.